About Build Your Biz

BuildYourBiz is a site created by local technology community leaders and technology business owners. The great content and success factors covered are a collaboration of many technology leaders. Together, these experts as well as other technology experts and business owners will help you build your business on free Microsoft resources. This site and project was put together to help people start and build their business. BuildYourBiz will teach business owners, consultants, technologists and students how they can leverage technology to build their business (in a fiscally responsible but infinitely expandable way). This will include many tips, tricks and resources available to help start, build and grow your business.

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BuildYourBiz 101: Becoming an Entrepreneur 101 for Students and Technology [Agenda.pptx]

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BuildYourBiz 201: Building Your First Store App for IT Pros [Agenda.pptx]

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The lessons are organized and compartmentalized by topic. This way you can treat the lessons like a smorgasbord and take what you need. If your business needs to signup for BizSpark, activate your free MSDN and Azure, and then setup a website, Remote Document Sharing, Remote Desktop and a couple development machines you simply select the options below that you need for your business (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Some of the program topics to be covered include:

# Business Need Solution Category Documents
1) Need FREE Software For Your New Business? Activate Your BizSpark Account {Robert}

Introduction to BizSpark {Dan}
How to Get the Most Out of BizSpark
2) Activate Free Azure Cloud Services Activate MSDN Windows Azure Account from BizSpark {Dan} Business   
3) Create Company Website or Blog Build Your Website – How To {Dan} Infrastructure   
4) Online Document Synchronization Work Folders – Online Storage & File Synchronization {Joshua} Infrastructure   
5) Server for Shared Applications Server Remote Desktop, File Shares, Etc {Tommy} Infrastructure   
6) Environment for building applications Visual Studio Development Environment {Michael} Development   
7) Environment for building applications without infrastructure Visual Studio Online {Michael} Development   
8) Infrastructure for running Lamp Stack Infrastructure for running Lamp Stack {Michael} Infrastructure   
9) Backup existing servers Server Backup {Dan} Infrastructure   
10) Create application notifications Windows 8 or HTML 5 App – Notification / Leader Boards {___} Development   
11) Create leader board for application Windows 8 or HTML 5 App Leader Boards {___} Development   
12) Use streaming media services Media Services {Gavin} Development   
13) Create mobile application Mobile Services – for mobile app developers {Steve} Development   
14) Determine how much money can be saved on Infrastructure Assessing Your Existing AWS or on premises Infrastructure for Moving to Azure {Dan} Infrastructure   
15) Deploy SQL Server Running SQL on Windows Azure – {Dan} Infrastructure   
16) Development Platform(s) {___} Development   
17) First Application Games {___} Development   
18) First Business Application {___} Development   
19) It can happen to you! {Blain/Tommy/Dan}? Personal Success   
20) Develop Strategic Partnerships {___} Business   
21) Leverage Community {Blain/Dan} Marketing   
22) Build Your Business on Office 365 {Blain}? Business   
23) Domain Selection and Registration {Dan/Tommy?} Marketing   
24) Search Results – Get Clicked! {Dan} Marketing 
25)   Build Your Career – The Road To Certification and Accreditation {Blain} Personal Success   
26) Create Server Infrastructure with ZERO capital Build Your Business on Windows Azure – Getting Started Step By Step {Dan} Infrastructure   
27) Central location for employees to work online First Server Domain {Dan} Infrastructure 
28) Get FOUND on search engines The Power Of Blogging {Dan} Marketing   
29) More Coming…   Tell us what you need   
The bulk of the initial content will focus on technology and in particular free resources available to businesses. The target audience will be business owners that want to get their hands dirty and do the work themselves. That is, you will be given Step-By-Step instructions anyone (including those not technically savvy) can follow. However, technologically savvy people and even technology professionals will also find the simple but quick format to be easy to follow and increase productivity in deployment greatly. The scope is not just limited to technology. As many have found, it takes much more than good technology to build a business. It takes the right kind of thinking, reliable infrastructure, good people, lots of skills in all areas of business and more. Over time, all aspects of business will be covered. BuildYourBiz will initially focus on startups and students but many of the same resources are available for non-startup business. These lessons will come in the form of website content, online webcast, face-to-face meetings, business summits, live education events, live networking events and the like. Save this site and visit regularly!!! [Stay-Connected-Worksheet]